Friday, March 18, 2005


Sometimes, you find yourself pondering the greater questions in life:

  • Why am I here?
  • Is evil necessary for there to be good in the world?
  • Is there a God?
  • Who the Fuck is Bucknell?

    So, the season ended quickly for the Kansas Jayhawks tonight. I was at a bar pacing frantically and talking to my dad as a bunch of fairweather fans wondered why this Kansas team wasn't better than some school nobody had ever heard of.

    I knew.

    I'd watched them pull out ugly wins all season. This team had heart, but they didn't have talent.

    Sure, they had the talent to beat a Bucknell nine times out of ten, but not tonight... when the shots weren't falling and the small school was launching threes as if the rules might change and forbid them at any moment.

    Kansas has been just a few inches short all year.

    My dad said it best: the Jayhawks have four Seniors playing prominent minutes because none of them were good enough to leave for the NBA. Aaron Miles will make a great back-up point guard in the league, but Wayne Simien and Keith Langford are both just a little too short to make it at the positions they are suited for.

    It wasn't our year.

    We've had a Final Four, a Championship Game and an overtime loss in the Great Eight. I can't complain. But, I am sad.

    A program like ours just shouldn't lose in the first round. The last time a seed this high did so, it was North Carolina. Not bad company. I guess it was just our year.

    Unfortunately, right now, my Yahoo! home page greets me with this:

    Bucknell 64
    Kansas 63

    And I am sad.
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