Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Okay, Calm Down...

So, the sky has fallen and brought Buddy Bell with it.

The general consensus is that Allard Baird should be fired, the Glass family run out of town with torches and the Kansas City Royals Baseball Club contracted for the good of all.

I have just come back from a nice vacation in the Land of Oz and I must say that a few days away from the constant barrage of bad news (and, avoiding news in general is frighteningly easy in the middle of Kansas) has been good for my soul as a baseball fan.

I still like the Royals. I refuse to go Chicken Little on this team. I knew they were young and not ready before the season began. There are no surprises about the suckiness of this team.

Of course there are a multitude of areas that need improvement. Shouting and screaming will not make it better.

So, I will stick by the team. I will read up on Buddy Bell, and I will find reasons to care.

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