Monday, August 29, 2005

Fear Terrance Long

I'm a big fan of Denny Mathews, but he just said a few things during the bottom of the ninth that made me cringe.

The situation:
Royals & Twins, tied at 1, bottom of the ninth with Aaron Guiel on second base and one out.

Terrance Long at the plate. Denny says:

"And they are not going to intentionally walk Terrance Long."

As if T-Long were to be feared in this situation.

Long pops out on the first pitch.

Two out. The Twins elect to walk Emil Brown and pitch to Mark Teahen.
Denny says:

"They pitch to the two lefties and walk the righty . . . Gardenhire must be playing a hunch."

Yes, Denny. A hunch that Emil Brown is the only major league hitter in tonight's line up.

Bases are loaded now. Angel Berroa up...

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