Thursday, June 28, 2007

MLB Piques My Interest in Women's Apparel

First of all, let me say that I love my wife.

Let me also say that it is easily apparent this is a photoshop job, as I found the same picture for all MLB teams with the logo switched out.

Lastly, for the record: I don't care. As somebody who grew up on "Who's the Boss," watched "Charmed" in spite of the ridicule from my roommate, and recorded the episode of "Spin City" when Alyssa Milano played the mayor's daughter (watch, and you'll know why), this photo is a dream come true.

Now, if I can only win the contest without my wife leaving me.


  1. I doubt you love your wife. When you love someone (truly), respect flows from that automatically. Based upon the way you are acting googling over some woman you see a photo of, you have no respect for your wife (at least in my opinion). Everyone notices good looking people sometimes but those who love their significant other don't go around talking about the good looking person. I feel sorry for your wife.

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