Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Royals Exchange Arbitration Numbers With Four Players

The Royals exchanged arbitration figures with four players today. My quick thoughts on how they should handle each case.

Pitcher Zack Greinke
Asked: $4.4 million
Royals: $3.4 million
Midpoint: $3.9 million

Hey, Zack. How would you like to make $7 million dollars next year? And the year after that? And the year after that? Why don't we just pencil you in for about $35 million over the next five years and all the bloggers out there will sleep a little better tonight?

Outfielder Mark Teahen
Asked: $3.85 million
Royals: $3.05 million
Midpoint: $3.45 million

I'd see if Teahen is willing to negotiate for the midpoint or a little less here. While two of his "home runs" last year were really just doubles that took funny bounces in the outfield, he is a versatile fourth outfielder who might become an important trading chip if he shows a little pop and plays a little third.

First baseman Mike Jacobs
Asked: $3.8 million
Royals: $2.75 million
Midpoint: $3.275 million

The guestimate when the Royals traded for Jacobs was that he would cost them about $3 million dollars this year. I'd hate to start off on the wrong foot by having to put a new player through the arbitration wringer when he was playing for another team last year. If I thought the Royals would just dump Gload, I'd say you offer him a bit more for the next two years to have it settled. As it is, I think you offer a little less than the midpoint and throw in an official MLB rulebook with the section about the strike zone highlighted.

Pitcher Brian Bannister
Asked: $2.025 million
Royals: $1.45 million
Midpoint: $1.7375 million

Bannister has probably the best make up to understand that the arbitration process is only business and nothing personal. Of course, he'll probably represent himself and win. I'd take him to the mat and try to keep that $575,000. If he finds his lucking socks from 2007, he'll be a steal at either price.

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