Tuesday, April 7, 2009

0-1 : Farnsworth does what Farnsworth does

The Royals lose to the White Sox on opening day.

The post title could just as easily be Jim Thome does what Jim Thome does. A lot of digital ink will be spilled on the fact that manager Trey Hillman left Kyle Farnsworth -- he of the 2.2 HR/9 ratio last year -- in to face the guy who has more long balls against the Royals than any other player.

Watching the game, I can't really argue with the decision. Farnsworth made Carlos Quentin look silly in the at bat prior and let's not kid ourselves, Thome could just as easily hit that jack off of any relief pitcher and nobody would be surprised.

Now, signing Farnsworth in the first place? That question can't be answered because of one bad pitch to a future hall of famer. But, I've got my doubts.
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“As soon as (Farnsworth) struck Quentin out,” Hillman said, “I sat Mahay down because I was planning, if Kyle was throwing strikes, to leave him in. Ronnie has never been a left-handed specialist…It was just a matter of location.”

The location turned out to be 400 feet away from the plate. It was Thome’s 542nd career homer, which ranks 14th on baseball’s all-time list.

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