Wednesday, May 20, 2009

21-18 : Be Gone Ye Demons

I'll just quote Ryan Lefebvre here:

"One year ago today, there was an enormous ovation for the home team. But, it was for Jon Lester's no-hitter at Fenway park. Tonight, it's for the Royals after a four run bottom of the ninth inning. ... So, what's the difference between this year and last year? There you go."

The camera was panning across the jumbo-tron showing the words "Royals Win!"

That no-no last year started a twelve-game losing streak for a Royals team that had crawled to one game below .500. This year is different.

You can go to the game recap from Bob Dutton at the Star below.
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What a night! Royals storm back in ninth for 6-5 win over Indians

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