Thursday, September 3, 2009

Royals Pushing DeJesus for Award. What about Zack?

Let's make one thing clear: David DeJesus is my favorite player on the Kansas City Royals. Has been for years. He wears the same number I did when i played ball in high school, and I've said so while sponsoring his page on

But in the Royals tradition of mis-allocating resources, they have apparently decided to make a PR push for David to get a Gold Glove award for his work in left field.

The fact is, if DeJesus wins a Gold Glove and Zack Greinke does not win the Cy Young award, then this horrible, horrible season will be even more of a waste than it already is.

I'd better see a headline that reads "Club officials demand Greinke win Cy Young award or they will remove food from press box" and I'd better see it soon.
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Royals notebook: Club officials say DeJesus merits Gold Glove consideration

DeJesus stretched his streak of errorless games to 136 in Wednesday’s 10-4 loss at Oakland, which includes the final nine games of last year. He has handled 278 chances this season without an error while accumulating 10 assists.

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