Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sports - All Time Royals Teams

I've missed the chance to talk about the signing of Juan Cruz in any newsworthy way, so I'll pass along this instead.

A great post at Sully Baseball about the all-time home grown team of the Royals versus the all-time acquired team. Brings up some great memories of players past, and he hits upon something that has bothered me for a few years...

The mock anger Boston fans had with Johnny Damon for joining the Yankees. See the remarks below.
When Red Sox fans screamed about Johnny Damon's lack of loyalty after signing with the Yankees, I'm sure it was amusing to Royals fans. After all, Damon only played 4 years in Boston but played 5 1/2 seasons in Kansas City.

If he needed to show loyalty, it would be to the team that drafted him and the one where he developed into a .300 hitter, a 40 stolen base guy and an MVP candidate.

But that would be asking my fellow Red Sox fans to be logical and think things through... which we know isn't happening.

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