Monday, July 9, 2012

Bring on the Cain

Not much positive to say after a sweep by the Tigers leaves Kansas City nine and a half games back going into the all star break, so let's just go with this:

The Royals are going to look more like the team they were supposed to be on Friday night with Lorenzo Cain and Chris Getz back in the line up.

Cain looked great in Spring Training, but injuries have wrecked this season for him so far. Let's hope a strong second half makes the Grienke trade look even better than it does right now.

Getz isn't my pick for second base (free Gio!), but at least he might inspire me to post a few more thoughts on the Pensive Getz blog.

Of course, the guy we all want to join Cain in the outfield needs to apologize to a certain cameraman before he returns to Kaufmann stadium.

Let's hope they work this out soon.

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