Friday, July 6, 2012

Salvy the Savior

Remember: eleven games is nothing.

But, man, what a stretch so far by Salvy Perez. It's been lost in this disappointing season, but the Royals made a couple of long-term deals this off season that are looking pretty good right now.

Shortstop Alcides Escobar is getting a cool million dollars this year after signing a four year deal with options through 2017. According to Fan Graphs, he's been worth over five million dollars so far, based on his superb defense and some surprising numbers at the plate.

But, Alcides may not have been the bet deal the Royals inked this off season.

Salvy Perez, on the other hand...

This kid (I'm old enough now to call 22 year olds kids). This kid is putting on some kind of show since missing the first three months of the season with a knee injury.

He's put up $3.9 million dollars worth of production in ELEVEN GAMES. Now, nobody is going to hit 425/425/725 over the course of a year. BABIP is being kind to our friend Salvy right now, and he's going to have to take a walk sooner or later, or pitchers will just stop giving him anything near the plate.

But, so far, after some delayed gratification, his five-year, seven-million dollar contract is looking like it might be the steal of the century.

Like Escobar, Perez is considered a defense-first prospect, so even as his hitting tails off, he will still provide considerable value behind the plate.

I, for one, can watch this throw again and again.

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