Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello, Oblivion

Another tough loss and it's looking like the Royals have finally succumbed from the symptoms of being a not-very-good baseball team.

From a pythag standpoint, the team is underperforming their run differential by about 2 wins, which doesn't mean much when you're just trying to stay out of last place.

They continue to get hits (11 to the Angels' 9 last night), but they are too soft and not at the same time, and it seems that when they do wring a decent performance from a starting pitcher (and these days, 3 runs over 5 1/3 innings from Bruce Chen counts), the offense can't muster up.

The trading deadline is approaching and it will probably be a quiet one for Kansas City. The few assets they are willing to part with won't fetch much.

This season isn't lost yet, though. It's been nine years since the Royals even put together two winning months in a row. If they can put together a decent August and September (which has been a strong suit more recently), then the players and the fans may still be able to point to real progress having been made this year, even with a butchered pitching staff.

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