Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lorenzo Cain Can't Stop

Lorenzo Cain was tearing the cover off the ball in spring training, and it looked like the outfielder was ready to make the most of his shot in the big leagues.

Then, he made a spectacular catch in Oakland, injured his groin, and it was DL time for the new guy.

The worry was how Cain would react to losing another half-season of his career, after spending most of 2011 stuck in the minors due to Melky Cabrera's break out season.

No worries there.  Since coming back after the All Star Break, Cain has shown that Salvy Perez isn't the only guy who can come hitting right out of the gate, putting up a 378/366/622 line since July 13. (I don't know how the AVG is higher than the OBP, but it's too early to do real math, so I'm letting the numbers from Baseball Reference speak for themselves)

With every swing of the bat, Cain is making the Grienke deal look like more and more of a win for Dayton Moore. The Royals have gotten 4.7 WAR out of Escobar and Cain in the majors, while Grienke has put up 3.4 WAR for the Brewers.

This doesn't even account for the standout season Jake Odorizzi is having in the minors.

Moore has more (ha!) bad deals than good ones on his ledger right now, but the Grienke trade was his biggest move to date, and he nailed it.

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