Friday, August 3, 2012


Cleveland may be in a free fall similar to the Royals, but you don't think about those things when you're winning games. You just win and feel good about it.

The Royals have finally won three games in a row after a month in the desert, and while there is no realistic hope of them finishing anywhere near .500, they can earn a modicum of respect as the season winds down if they can stay competitive.

Craig Brown had a nice article today on the falling apart of Bruce Chen. 

Really, at this point, any warm bodies might be worth trying out in the starting rotation. Free agents are expensive and often want to play for winners, which the Royals simply aren't right now, and haven't been for quite sometime. So, in-house talent is probably going to have to get it done.

Stretching out Aaron Crow. Bringing up Jake Odorizzi. These are things that need to start happening yesterday.

Master Chen may get his swagger back, but it will probably only be for a handful of starts over the remainder of his contract, and the Royals need to find out who they have that can help them win consistently.

It's good to see the offense back on track. Watch out, Texas. You're next.

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