Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jekyll and Hyde. What'd those guys hit?

Embracing their nature as one of the younger teams in baseball, the Royals have been all kinds of inconsistent this year.

As Rany Jazayerli pointed out, "since June 7th, the Royals are 9-1 between Monday and Thursday, and 3-10 between Friday and Sunday."

Last night, the switch was set to "good" and they pounded the Toronto Blue Jays 11-3. Eric Hosmer appears to be heating up (he typed tentatively) and Moose continues to impress, walloping a grand slam in the seventh.

And speaking of "wallop," how about the shot by Salvy Perez? Kid hasn't taken a walk in his eight games back, but three homers in 29 plate appearances sure makes the long term contract he signed in the off season look a lot better. Let's make sure somebody rakes the dirt extra carefully in Arizona next Spring, eh?

On the whole, the Royals pythag record has them at 36-42, which is their actual record, which is pretty good considering they put themselves in an 11 game hole at the start of the year. Legitimate contention is probably still a year away, but crazy things can happen when you replace the worst pitcher in the majors with anybody (please, put the Jonathan Sanchez experiment to rest, Dayton).

Finishing the season at or above .500 would be a real accomplishment for a young team that hasn't really accomplished anything yet, and would set us all up for some irrational exuberance heading into 2013.

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