Thursday, July 19, 2012

On Kendall's Comeback

I, like many head-in-the-sand types, have decided to pretend the Royals started playing baseball on April 25, which means today's loss puts them at 37-38 since the losing streak that never happened.

That's not great, but it makes me happy to think progress is being made.

Of course, July has been generally terrible (4-11 so far), and Luke Hochevar is going to have to live up to the stopper label I put on him to give some hope that at least our last two remaining starters from the beginning of the season can be competitive. Bruce Chen held up his end of the bargain last night. (barely)

In other news, the Royals have signed Jason Kendall to a minor league contract, which sent the internet into a minor uproar.

This bothers me little, and this quote from Bob Duttons story is why.

"He’s spent most of this season working on his rehab in Kansas City while serving as a veteran presence around the Royals’ clubhouse."

Basically, this is Dayton Moore doing a solid to a guy who has been hanging out, and I'm assuming, everybody generally likes. Somebody who loves baseball, had a bad injury, and still wants to get after it.

It's a message to the rest of the team about loyalty. In an unloyal business, this shows the young whippersnappers on the team that management isn't completely tone-deaf. Guys are getting shuffled back and forth to Omaha like crazy, and trades are probably going to happen, because that's business. But, when a guy works hard, wants to be around, and is getting a chance to prove himself in a place that doesn't hurt the big club, then that will be supported.

I wish Jason Kendall luck, and I hope he plays well enough for some other team to take a flyer on him this offseason.

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