Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trying to Stay Positive

When I decided to fire up this blog again, one of my main goals was to stay positive.

Boy, is this team not making it easy. A couple of tough one-run losses to the pale hose wasn't the best way to ring in the second half, but asking Jonathan Sanchez to turn the tide was definitely too much.

I'll let Bob Dutton find the positives here.

#Royals LHP Jonathan Sanchez had season-low one walk.

Now, of course, I'm leaving out a few words here. Words like "pull," "seven runs," and "Seattle 7-0."

The real positive may be that the Jonathan Sanchez experience is soon to be over in Kansas City. It's unfortunate that the Melky Cabrera trade hasn't worked out better for the Royals, but hindsight is always 20/20. At the time of the deal, nobody thought it would be the disaster it has become.

The Melk-man is going to get major bucks this off season and Jonathan Sanchez is not. But, let's not forget, just about everybody figured this was a decent risk for both teams to take in the off season.

In other news from last night's game, Salvy Perez just won't stop hitting and neither will Billy Butler. I, for one, have been waiting for a Billy jack since the All Star Home Run Derby snub, and he did not disappoint, almost nailing the Hall of Fame in left field. As for the catcher... I'm just soaking this up for as long as it lasts. If we had to trade losing Melky Cabrera's real breakout season for the two long-term contracts with Escobar and Perez, then I think it was worth it this off season.

TBD is starting tonight, thanks to Everett Teaford getting used by surprise. Let's wish him luck.

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