Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ready for Hos and Moose to Sell Out

Since we're all in for 2013, a few of our favorite Royals may be household names soon. Endorsements are sure to follow. Here's a preview of the first carbonated beverage to take the plunge.

Coke Commercial - Vending Machine


Various shots of Mike Moustakas fielding ground balls and firing poor throws towards Eric Hosmer.

Hosmer lunges left, right and jumps high in the air, but the throws are all way off the mark.

They jog off the field.

It's okay, Moose. You're just working out the kinks.

Thanks, Hos. I just need a Coke to cheer me up.

They walk up to a vending machine in the clubhouse.

Take your pick. I'm buying.

Moose eyes the rows of ice-cold soda.

Let's go with E-3.

CLOSE UP of keypad with "E" and "3" being pressed.

CLOSE UP of The vending machine taking a Coke from the E-3 slot and dispensing it.

Hosmer looks at Moose dejectedly.

Not cool, man. Not cool.


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